Window manager released for jailbroken iPads

These days, PCs seem to be taking more and more cues from handheld devices, and handhelds are becoming more and more like PCs. Are we coming full circle? Looking at this video of Quasar, a window manager for jailbroken iPads, I can't help but wonder:

iOS apps aren't designed to resize freely, but Quasar seems to get around that little limitation by simply scaling them like bitmaps. And the crazy part is, it actually looks usable—convenient, too. Considering the new iPad has a higher-resolution display than most notebooks (including Apple's own) as well as some reasonably fast hardware, that kind of multitasking functionality doesn't seem out of place.

It's just too bad Quasar isn't available on the App Store. According to The Verge, jailbreaking your iPad is a pre-requisite. Once you've done the secret handshake and swallowed the blue pill, you'll be able to grab Quasar on the Cydia store for $9.99.

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