Ex-FutureMark devs working on first-person puzzle game

I've been deceived by touching, poetic game trailers before—I'm looking at you, Dead Island—but it's nice to see game developers at least try. Well, indie Finnish studio Theory Interactive did more than try with the first trailer for its first game, Reset:

"Everything you see in the trailer is straight from the in-game engine," says Theory on the Reset blog. "No up-ressed textures, geometry or effects."

This is no pre-rendered teaser, but what's the game all about? The folks over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun spoke to the developers in order to find out, and they gleaned some interesting tidbits. As it turns out, Theory Interactive is a two-man team of former FutureMark developers: Alpo Oksaharju and Mikko Kallinen. They describe Reset as a "single-player co-op first-person puzzle game," where players will be able to "leap back in time" to complement their own actions. They say "atmosphere and mood are a big part of what we want people to experience."

This is supposed to be a PC exclusive, too.

If you think that sounds too good to be true, I don't blame you. At the very least, though, I'm excited to see what Oksaharju and Kallinen come up with. It's not everyday you see indie studio embark on such an ambitious project—or one that looks so promising.

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