New Steam beta offers remote library management

Valve has made a habit out of deeply discounting games on Steam. There's a new deal every day and often a multitude of games on sale. But what happens if you're not at your PC when the game you've been waiting to play finally hits the price you're willing to pay? There's a new Steam beta client for that.

The latest beta includes a Remote Downloads feature that allows folks to manage their game libraries remotely. Users can log into the official Steam site and gain access to their games list, from which downloads can be initiated and monitored. The only requirement seems to be leaving Steam running on one's PC.

Since this functionality is accessible through a standard web browser, smartphone users should be able to take part. Valve's Steam Apps for Android and iOS allow game purchases, as well, but they don't appear to interface with one's home install. I suspect that functionality will be incorporated once the Remote Downloads feature makes it out of beta.

I've gotta give it to Valve. Episode 3 may be missing in action, but Steam is the best game delivery system around, and it continues to improve. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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