Leaked slides spill more Trinity details

AMD's next-generation Trinity APU is coming soon. If you'd rather not wait for the official unveiling, Chinese site EXPreview has posted a collection of presentation slides that purportedly detail the chip's particulars. The slides look pretty official to me, and the details within match the few bits of information AMD has released to the public already.

We know Trinity will be based on an updated Piledriver version of the Bulldozer CPU cores that anchor AMD's FX desktop processors. According to the slides, these cores will crunch more instructions per clock while leaking less power. Dual- and quad-core configurations will supposedly be available clocked at 2.0-3.8GHz. AMD already has a quad-core, Bulldozer-based FX-4170 clocked at 4.2GHz, but that chip has a 125W thermal envelope. It looks like Trinity's TDP for desktop parts will top out at 100W.

Lower CPU clock speeds aren't entirely unexpected given the fact that Piledriver shares the procesor die with a beefy Radeon GPU based on AMD's 6000-series architecture. Bulldozer has no graphics sidekick, let alone one with DirectX 11 credentials.

Trinity's integrated Radeon purportedly features up to 384 ALUs and can run at speeds as high as 800MHz. The graphics component looks like it takes up close to half of the die. If the slides are legit, that die measures 246 mm², making it a little larger than Llano and quite a bit bigger than Ivy bridge. Ivy has more transistors, but it's fabbed on a smaller 22-nm process, while Trinity will be built using 32-nm technology.

There are other interesting snippets in the slides, like mention of an AMD Accelerated Video Converter and a new version of Turbo Core. Looks like the processor's dynamic clock scaling mechanism is capable of juggling CPU and GPU clocks based on the nature of the workload. Of course, we'll have to wait until the official launch date for the full story.

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