Intel releases Open Source software for iSCSI

Yes, it is about a week late but relevant nonetheless. Here is Intel's press release:
Today at the Storage Networking World Conference and Expo, Intel Corporation released software to the open source community, enabling organizations to more easily build storage systems that use common Ethernet components. Intel also announced that it is chairing a multi-vendor group to help accelerate the deployment of next generation standards that will extend Ethernet to include networked storage.

Intel's open source reference software will help storage device vendors quickly develop products, such as switches, routers and adapters, which are compliant with the Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) specification. The iSCSI specification is under development by the Internet Engineering Task Force and outlines a next generation storage protocol that carries storage traffic over existing Ethernet networks. Previously, sending disk blocks over a network required dedicated storage devices, which are more expensive.

More on iSCSI can be found here. Adaptec will begin shipping samples of the "AEA-7110C" iSCSI host bus adapter to OEMs beginning this quarter.
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