Mozilla to unify Firefox visuals across PCs, phones, tablets

More user-interface changes are coming to Firefox—and this time, Mozilla isn't just freshening up the desktop version of its browser. In a presentation at the Firefox Toronto Workweek last week, Mozilla User Experience chief Madhava Enros gave folks a glimpse of a new, unified look meant to give Firefox a distinct visual identity across desktops, phones, and tablets:

There isn't a video replay of the presentation available yet, but you can watch the slide show here. It includes a nice number of screenshots and mockups in addition to the one above. Here's what Enros has to say about the work being done:

It’s been a few months now since we merged the mobile and desktop Firefox user-experience teams into one supercharged all-platform Firefox design juggernaut (in the good sense). In that time, we’ve been hard at work digging into the next set of features and improvements, as well as pursuing one of our major goals for the year: getting Firefox to feel more like one product — more Firefoxy — across all our platforms, desktop to tablet to phone.

I presented an overview of what we’re working on at the Firefox Toronto Workweek last week. Here are the slides (and a direct link, just in case). I had a fair bit to say about them, so I’ll be posting a video of the talk soon, but the mockups and wireframes in the slides are too awesome to wait. The team will be posting about each of these projects, individually, in more depth.

I think the Firefox UI is a little lacking in the elegance department right now, so these proposed changes are exciting. And I've gotta say, the mockups don't look half bad. Of course, there's much more to a good browser than a pretty-looking user interface. It'll be particularly interesting to see how Firefox matches up against Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows 8 tablets later this year.

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