28-nm GPU supply rumored to be improving

I don't know if you noticed, but neither AMD nor Nvidia has been particularly aggressive about pricing for new GPUs. Some of AMD's 7000-series Radeons, in particular, aren't much cheaper than previous-gen offerings within the same performance bracket. We've speculated that this phenomenon might be due to limited supply of 28-nm chips at TSMC. DigiTimes now has word from its source that that's indeed the case—and that things will get better toward the end of the month.

"As more capacity will be gradually released by TSMC, shortages of 28nm graphics cards are expected to improve in late May," the site says. It attributes the information to "sources from graphics card makers."

DigiTimes expects further price cuts from AMD (the company already trimmed prices some last month) as well as new graphics offerings from Nvidia. In particular, it claims GeForce 610 and GeForce GTX 670 cards are due out next month. That's the second time we've heard about the GTX 670 in as many days, so perhaps there's some truth to the rumor.

AMD should, in theory, have plenty of room to cut prices. For instance, the company's Radeon HD 7800-series cards are similar physically, and feature GPUs slightly smaller, than 6800-series Radeons that sell for up to $100 less. The higher performance of the new parts does give AMD the freedom to charge more for now, though.

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