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Eight is Enough

  1. Ars Technica: Google guilty of infringement in Oracle trial; future legal headaches loom
  2. Engadget: 802.11-2012 Wi-Fi freshens up spec with 3.7GHz bands, mesh networking
  3. VR-Zone on unlocked Ivy Bridge CPUs: i7-3770K worth getting over the i5-3570K?
  4. Reuters: LG Electronics to launch Google TV in U.S. in late May: executive
  5. Nokia: Tablet comments misconstrued, company still 'watching the space' - eWeek
  6. Ars Technica's hands-on: Testing the GIMP 2.8 and its new single-window interface
  7. Fudzilla reports Fileplanet to be no more
  8. CVG: Amazing Assassin's Creed concept art shows series'
    origins and Assassin's Creed concept video looked great


  1. Kickstarter talks to Engadget about product 'pre-
    orders,' won't force refunds when creators flake
  2. Ars Technica: Google gets license to test drive autonomous cars on Nevada roads
  3. Madshrimps cover Kingston HyperX event in Antwerp
  4. SlashGear: Sony Ivy Bridge Vaio T ultrabook base specs revealed
  5. Fudzilla: Nvidia GTX 690 listed in Europe
  6. NinjaLane's podcast
  7. House of flying laptops from Intel (video)
  8. Newegg's quick-draw deals
  9. Dealzon's deals: $50 coupon for 18.4" Alienware M18x Ivy Bridge i7-3610QM,
    $50 coupon for 21.5" hp Omni 220q Ivy Bridge i7-3770S, $250 off Gateway
    i7-2600 PC, and $33 coupon for 180GB Intel 330 Series Maple Crest SSD

  1. C|Net: Apple ready to settle in 'iPad' trademark dispute?
  2. Ars Technica: Apple improves AirPlay playback,
    iPad network switching, HDR with iOS 5.1.1
  3. About the security content of iOS 5.1.1 software update
  4. AppleInsider: Apple says lack of multi-user support
    on iPad is a 'known issue,' 'being investigated'
  5. Engadget: Samsung Galaxy S III gets a Canadian
    as Bell, Rogers, Telus, Wind Mobile line up
  6. ocaholic reviews HTC One X

  1. Ars Technica: Attackers target unpatched PHP bug allowing
    malicious code execution and OS X plain text password flaw
    has been around for 3 months and counting
  2. InformationWeek on Windows 8 OS: New must-know facts
  3. Phoronix on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ARMv7 Linux performance gains
  4. Dedoimedo's Kubuntu 12.04 review - Precise what?
  5. Techgage's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 review

  1. Joystiq on EA 2012 financials: Q4 revenue and income
    up year-over-year, 2012 revenue up, income down
  2. Ars Technica on subsidized Xbox 360: Bad deal
    for consumers, missed opportunity for Microsoft
  3. Company of Heroes 2 invades the Eastern Front
  4. CVG: Diablo III will offer global play
  5. Games On Net's video interview: Jay Wilson on
    Diablo III's ladders, latency, piracy, and more
Systems and storage

  1. HotHardware's Digital Storm ODE Level 4 system review
  2. Tbreak's hp Z800 workstation review
  3. AnandTech's ASRock Vision 3D 252B HTPC review
  4. PCPer's Asus G75V review: Gaming goes Ivy
  5. VR-Zone's hp Envy 14 Spectre review
  6. techPowerUp! does Ivy Bridge PCI-Express
    scaling with HD 7970 and GTX 680
  7. Benchmark Reviews on Intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard
  8. Hi Tech Legion reviews Asus P8Z77-V
  9. Hardware Canucks review Asus Maximus V Gene Z77 mATX motherboard
  10. ThinkComputers reviews 16GB Patriot Viper
    Xtreme Division 4 DDR3-1866 quad-channel kit
  11. VR-Zone's 800GB Intel SSD 910 preview
  12. Guru3D and TweakTown test OCZ Vertex 4 SSD with 1.4RC firmware

  1. X-bit labs: Radeon HD 79xx graphics cards from Gigabyte,
    Sapphire & XFX CrossFire configuration review
  2. Fudzilla reviews EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature
  3. Tbreak's Zotac GTX 680 AMP! Edition review
  4. CowcotLand reviews Zotac GTX 680 2GB (in French)
  5. Bits and Chips have GeForce GTX 680 performance analysis (in Italian)
  6. techPowerUp! reviews HIS HD 7770 iCooler 1GB
  7. TechReviewSource on Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20
  8. TechReaction reviews Cooler Master Trigger keyboard
Cases and cooling

  1. Funky Kit reviews BitFenix Shinobi XL case
  2. OCC's Enermax Fulmo GT case review
  3. Hardware.Info has 11 computer cases tested—from £70 - £110
  4. NikKTech reviews Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme CPU cooler
  5. FrostyTech reviews Cooler Master GeminII S524 heatsink
  6. Legit Reviews on Noctua NH-L12 low profile CPU cooler
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