HP announces a gaggle of ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are the flavor of the week in the PC industry, and as the world's biggest PC vendor, HP is pretty much obligated to deliver. It did just that yesterday, announcing a gaggle of ultra-slim systems with all kinds of display sizes, brand names, and price tags.

The guys at CNet News have a nice, bite-sized rundown of the many offerings. Those include the Spectre XT, a three-pound, 13-inch ultrabook with an Ivy Bridge processor, an all-metal construction, and a $999 price tag. Other key specs include 128GB of solid-state storage, USB 3.0 and HDMI connectivity, and a "quad-speaker audio system."

HP's Spectre XT ultrabook. Source: HP.

Don't get your wallet out just yet, though. The Spectre XT isn't due out until June 8. I'm guessing that's because HP is waiting on Intel to release dual-core, 17W variants of its Ivy Bridge processor. Right now, the only mobile Ivy models are quad-core chips with 35W and 45W TDPs—great for full-sized systems, not so great for slick and slim ultrabooks.

Similarly, HP has some AMD-powered Envy Sleekbooks primed for a June 20 release. The cheapest one, a 15" system, will start at just $599 with an AMD APU and 320GB of mechanical storage. I expect that lineup to feature AMD's next-gen Trinity chips, which are slated to be available with both 17W and 35W power envelopes.

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