Video mockup shows Metro version of Firefox

I apparently missed this last week, but it's worth a look if you haven't seen it. Ever wonder what Firefox will look like in Windows 8's Metro environment? We got an early glimpse earlier this month, when Mozilla announced plans for a unified Firefox visual identity. Now, there's more: a concept video whipped up by the Firefox UX Designer Yuan Wang.

As Wang points out, this is nothing more than an early prototype. Wang actually used Apple's Keynote app to put it together, so what you're seeing isn't even usable as a web browser, and the final Metro release of Firefox could end up looking a little different. Having said all that, I really like where Mozilla is going with this. The concept looks clean, bright, and stylish—definitely more stylish than the Metro version of Internet Explorer, which I find a little drab.

Last we heard, Mozilla expected to have a "working prototype" of Firefox for Metro by the end of next month. There's no word yet on when the user interface will be finalized, though.

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