Report: Amazon wants to put ads on the Kindle Fire

Already, Amazon offers versions of its Kindle e-book readers with ads on their home and lock screens. Could the Kindle Fire join that list? Maybe so, according to the folks at AdAge. They claim to have it on good authority that Amazon is rounding up advertisers to slap ads on the Fire.

Amazon is pitching ads on the device's welcome screen, according to an executive at an agency that Amazon has pitched. The company has been telling ad agency execs that they must spend about $600,000 for any package that includes such an ad.

The ad campaigns would run for two months and also include inventory from Amazon's "Special Offers" product. For $1 million, advertisers would get more ad inventory and be included in Amazon's public-relations push, according to this executive and an exec at another ad agency."

The big question, of course, is whether Amazon will put ads on the existing Kindle Fire or on a new, cheaper version of the device. Considering ad-supported Kindle e-book readers all cost less than their ad-free counterparts, a cheaper Fire does seem likely. And, seeing as the regular Kindle Fire costs $199, that's an exciting prospect.

Maybe this won't happen straight away or with current hardware, though. According to a Reuters story posted earlier this week, Amazon doesn't plan to release its next Kindle Fire until "closer to the holiday season." The next-gen Fire is rumored to have an 8.9" display. A new Kindle e-reader is reportedly coming in July, too, but that model is supposed to be an e-ink-based model with a front-lit display.

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