Microsoft renews 'buy a PC, get a free Xbox' promo for students

People are always comparing and contrasting PCs and consoles, but of course, the ideal is to have both platforms. For students, doubling up will be just as easy this year as it was last year. Microsoft has renewed its promotion that makes students eligible for a free Xbox 360 if they purchase a PC worth a certain price.

Here are the criteria, in Microsoft's words:

Starting May 20th in the U.S., students who buy a qualifying Windows PC worth $699 or more at participating retailers can get a 4GB Xbox 360 console for free, just like last year! Starting May 18th in Canada, students who buy a Windows PC worth $599 or more can also get a 4GB Xbox 360 console for free!

Participating retailers in the US include Best Buy,, Fry’s Electronics,, Microsoft Stores, and In Canada, they include Best Buy,, Future Shop, Staples and The Source.

Not sure why Canadians get a sweeter deal, but okay. Oh, and obviously, providing student ID will be a must in either country. Those e-tailers and retailers aren't just going to let anyone youthful-looking walk off with a free Xbox.

Even if you're a die-hard PC gamer, I think it's hard to take issue with the promotion. Xbox 360 exclusives remain a reality, and the console offers a different multiplayer experience than the PC. I hope this won't encourage students to buy cut-rate PCs without decent graphics, though.

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