Howdy, folks. I'm back from Nvidia GTC and am pretty well exhausted. As you might expect, I have plans to write a bit about the GK110 chip, the "big Kepler," that Nvidia talked about quite a bit at GTC. However, I may not have that finished today.

In the meantime, we have a few of other bits of news.

First, in case you missed it, the folks at HCW have become the first outside website to adopt our latency-focused game benchmarking methods. They did a quick blog post explaining their decision early in the week, and now they've followed up with a review of sub-$200 video cards that considers individual frame times as well as FPS averages. Nice to see some other folks jumping on the bandwagon.

Since I know from the web stats that almost nobody read the pages I'm about to link, I'd also like to point out that we deployed our "inside the second" methods to test CPU performance in several recent games for our Ivy Bridge review. The results start on this page. Our Skyrim findings were quite enlightening, in my view; they suggest that AMD's desktop FX-8150 processor has a real weakness in gaming performance. My sense is that the FX may have an Amdahl's Law problem, that its relatively low performance in individual threads may impede the consistent delivery of low frame latencies.  In response to your requests, we also concocted a nifty multitasking test that's worth a look.

Next, TR's MacHole blogger, Jason Fox, has just revealed today that he is the culprit behind a very successful fake Twitter account pretending to be someone else's facial hair: Lee Clow's Beard. Yes, I just wrote that sentence. If it sounds positively loony to you, then you have a good sense of the matter. I knew back in high school that Jason would go on to big things, but I didn't suspect how truly strange those things might be. Regardless, Jason has been profiled at a fancy website today, and his tweets have been turned into an upcoming book, available for pre-order at Amazon. There's even a Lee Clow's Beard iOS app, a fact I'm having a hard time fully accepting. At any rate, congrats to Jason on the book and all the rest. May the beard remain well-trimmed, or something like that.

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