Sunday Shortbread

7 Up

  1. Bloomberg: Canada currency tumbles as Europe crisis overshadows data
  2. BusinessWeek: AMD CEO Read says flexibility trumps speed in sales race
  3. Techeye: 'Inexact chip' allows errors to increase efficiency - massively
  4. AT&T mobile chief: Windows 8 can boost Windows Phone
  5. Building Windows 8: Creating the Windows 8 user experience
  6. Fedora 17 general availability to slip by one week
  7. Gaming Blend: Diablo III's launch fiasco proves video game journalism fails


  1. TorrentFreak: U.S. "Six Strikes" anti-piracy scheme delayed
    and file-sharing is linked to depression, researchers find
  2. Neowin's editorial: Sorry, Facebook haters. It's not going anywhere.
  3. Newegg's Weekend Express
  4. NCIX's long weekend hot deals

  1. TechCrunch: GameStop to sell SIM cards
  2. WPCentral: Nokia reportedly readying new camera app
    for their Lumia line called Camera Extension

  1. Joystiq: Borderlands 2 fixes voice chat, frame rate issues from first game

  1. NikKTech reviews Dune HD TV-301A media player
  2. Review the Tech on Hama Rexton 170 DSLR camera bag
  3. Technic3D reviews Streacom FC8S HTPC case (in German)
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