High-res Transformer spotted in FCC report

At CES in January, weeks before Apple introduced the new, Retina-enhanced iPad, Asus showed us a version of its Transformer Prime tablet featuring a 1920x1200 panel—up from the 1280x800 default. Asus teased a mid-second-quarter launch, but we haven't heard a lot about this high-DPI version of the Transformer Prime since then.

Until today, that is. According to Engadget, the Wi-Fi-only version of the device has now been tested by the FCC. Engadget has a screenshot of a diagram from the agency's website to prove it. I can't seem to get to the report on the FCC's website, though; all it does is bring up an error message: "You are not authorized to access this page." Oh well.

Engadget claims the device is dubbed Transformer Pad Infinity, bears the model number TF700T, and features a Tegra 3 processor. The FCC page doesn't give us any indication of when the device will hit stores, of course (and whether Asus will keep its promise of a mid-Q2 release), but it does tell us one thing: the high-DPI Transformer is coming, and it's coming soon.

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