Nvidia denies rumored Kepler performance degradation

Earlier today, we saw a rumor claiming that Nvidia's Kepler GPUs suffer from a flaw that results in "serious performance degradation over long periods of heavy load." The story was posted at Pnosker, a site we hadn't heard of before, and claimed the issue might prompt a recall. Xbit Labs picked up the story, which has since been repeated elsewhere on the web.

There's just one problem: it's entirely false, according to Nvidia. Company spokesman Bryan Del Rizzo told us "there is no truth to this rumor." We asked specifically about not only the supposed recall, but also the claims of degraded performance under sustained, heavy loads. Neither is true, Del Rizzo said.

Despite Nvidia's seemingly clear denial, there seems to be some doubt about whether the rumor, credited to a TSMC leak, may still be true. That strikes me as a little odd considering the original story, which remains short on details despite several updates. Kepler cards are out in the wild, in the hands of both reviewers and end users, and we've yet to see any credible reports of degraded performance.

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