Socket FM2 Trinity motherboard pictured

Last week, we gave you the lowdown on AMD's new Trinity APUs and their top mobile incarnation: the A10-4600M. Trinity has turned out to be a fine mobile chip, but it's not going to be restricted to notebooks. Indeed, a desktop variant is in the works, and folks at the VR-Zone forums have posted pictures of a Trinity desktop CPU and a matching motherboard.

The board is actually a prototype, apparently from MSI, and the size and shape suggests a microATX form factor. Around the socket are four DDR3 DIMM slots, a four-pin CPU power connector, a PCI Express x16 slot, and three PCIe x1 slots. I can see four SATA ports hiding under some cables, too, and a VGA output in the port cluster.

As for the socket itself, the writing on it reads "Socket FM2." Since desktop variants of Llano fit into FM1 sockets, we may be looking at a new pin layout—but perhaps backward compatibility has been preserved nonetheless. (AMD's Socket AM2 processors do work in AM3 and AM3+ sockets, after all.)

I'm sure we'll find out more next month, when Taiwanese motherboard makers will be showing off their new and upcoming boards at the Computex trade show. Our own Geoff Gasior will be on the scene.

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