Rumor patrol in 3D

— 12:00 AM on April 17, 2001

The pictures of a supposed "Radeon SE" card that popped up on the 'net over the weekend are getting a once-over from Reactor Critical. They've examined part numbers and concluded this is not just a higher-clock Radeon chip. Could it be the elusive Radeon 2?? They seem to think so.

Meanwhile, the Kyro III is subject of additional speculation at the same site. Everyone says the Kyro III will include a T&L engine, but the question is, how will T&L work alongside the funky Kyro deferred rendering architecture? No one seems to know for sure yet, but it's an interesting question. Word is that the Kyro II renderer will be essentially unchanged, but T&L support will be added—perhaps as a separate chip. The Inquirer even confirms the Kyro III will have T&L, and says to look for a fall introduction.

This 3D edition of Rumor Patrol brought to you by TR reader and news-sniffer Rand.

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