Seagate to acquire controlling stake in LaCie

Looks like Seagate might be on a little shopping spree. Just over a year after announcing its takeover of Samsung's mechanical storage business, Seagate now says it plans to buy a controlling stake in external hard-drive vendor LaCie.

If everything goes as planned, Seagate will end up owning 64.5% of the company and paying about $186 million for the privilege. LaCie CEO Philippe Spruch will join Seagate as the head of the firm's consumer storage business, as well. Here's Seagate's spiel about the benefits of the deal:

The transaction would combine two highly complementary product and technology portfolios, adding LaCie's line of premium branded consumer storage solutions, network-attached storage solutions and software offerings to Seagate's array of mainstream consumer storage products. The combination would accelerate Seagate's growth strategy in the expanding consumer storage market, particularly in Europe and Japan, and add strong engineering and software development capabilities, as well as relationships with several key retailers.

LaCie might not get a lot of press in enthusiast circles, but it has a long history of catering to professionals. It was one of the first firms out with a Thunderbolt-enabled storage solution last year, and it also has a line of high-end LCD monitors and display calibrators. Seagate is clearly most interested in the storage side of LaCie's operations, though.

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