Minecraft almost as popular as Call of Duty

Is it time to call Minecraft a cultural phenomenon? The sandbox building game has enjoyed incredible success on the PC, where it was honed through several alpha and beta releases before version 1.0 hit. Developer Mojang has continued to update the game, which now has nearly 30 million registered players. Android, iOS, and Xbox versions of Minecraft have been released, as well, and the game is proving quite popular with console gamers.

The Xbox Live activity stats indicate that Minecraft was the most popular arcade title last week. More impressively, it came in second place among all Xbox Live games, losing only to the latest chapter in the Call of Duty franchise. All that for a low-fi digital approximation of Lego.

There's a Lego tie-in, too. The officially endorsed Lego Minecraft Micro World is available for pre-order and due to arrive on select store shelves this summer. And don't forget MineCon, an entire convention devoted to the game.

The pixelated sandbox seems to have more universal appeal than most titles, and it's suitable for all ages. The novelty doesn't seem to be wearing off, either. I wonder if our own David Morgan is still addicted.

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