Deal of the week: More storage bargains

All the juicy discounts seem to be among mechanical and solid-state drives this week. We've singled out two of each for our latest deal 'o the week post.

Let's start with the SSDs. OCZ's Agility 3 120GB is currently on sale for $109.99 with free shipping at Newegg, and you can get it down to only $94.99 after a mail-in rebate. That's less than a dollar per gigabyte for a SandForce SF-2281-powered SSD with 6Gbps SATA connectivity and read and write speeds of 525MB/s and 500MB/s, respectively—not bad at all. Folks looking for a quicker, higher-capacity option will find that Samsung's 830 Series 256GB desktop upgrade kit is on sale for $249.99 with free shipping, provided you enter the promo code "EMCNEHE29" (minus the quotes) on the checkout page. The 830 Series 256GB is one of the fastest SSDs we've ever tested, and it earned our Editor's Choice award back in February... when it still cost a whopping $360.

On the mechanical front, prices are starting to approach their pre-flood levels from last year. Seagate's 2TB Barracuda 7200.12 is on sale for $109.99 with free shipping with the promo code "EMCNEHF23" right now. We're talking about a 7,200-RPM drive here, by the way; not a "Green" model with a reduced spindle speed. If you're looking for something slightly cheaper, Western Digital's 1TB Caviar Blue (another 7,200-RPM drive) can be nabbed for $89.99 shipped after the promo code "EMCNEHE59."

Good news for our Canadian friends: NCIX has the 120GB Agility 3 for $94.99 CAD after a $15 mail-in rebate, and the 60GB model is available for a tantalizing $54.99 CAD, again after a $15 MIR. I'm not seeing the Samsung SSD listed, and the Seagate hard drive seems to cost a bit more north of the border, but NCIX has the 1TB WD Caviar Blue for $94.99 CAD, too.

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