The snoop spies a refund in your future

Our snoop in the nation's captial has just pointed out a tasty tidbit from the Congressional Quarterly Daily Monitor. Get a load of this:

"...[A] House Science Panel approved by voice vote a measure (HR 2797) that supports a court ruling concerning fees charged for Internet domain names.

"...Subcommittee Chairman Nick Smith, R-Mich., said the court appropriately struck down the "illegal tax" and that the measure would ensure 'there is not going to be a tax on the Internet.'" --Congressional Quarterly Daily Monitor, Nov. 4, 1999, page 13.

What's it all mean? The snoop writes:

With regard to the $62 million that the National Science Foundation already collected, the bill would allow the Foundation to keep the money, but would allow the folks who registered domain names to receive a refund! The refund as currently planned would be applied to your tax return, and apparently only applies to the 30% of your registration fee that was diverted to the NSF.

Expect this to get batted about some in the full Committee before it sees the light of day--Congress does NOT like to give cash back to we, the people. But for now, it looks like the TR might get an inch of breathing room in the overhead department. Let's hope it sneaks through.

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