AnandTech's server upgrade

AnandTech has done a major upgrade to their server farm and they pull the curtain up for you to see.
We have been experiencing tremendous growth at AnandTech over the past few months. Traffic has more than doubled since we made our major server upgrade in August of last year, however until recently we were running on a relatively unchanged server setup. In order to cope with the increase in traffic we had to plan out yet another server upgrade, however this time around the situation was much more complicated. Our software load balancing solution that was used to make sure that you all would get put on the servers with the least amount of load at any given time was unfortunately showing its flaws and resulted in quite a few undesirable side effects.
They run into some problems with MSI boards. Sound familiar? Nevertheless, if you are into networking or have ever dreamed of starting your own website, you should enjoy this behind the scenes look. Their servers run Windows 2000 and Linux so they are equal opportunity. Read more here.
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