Rumor: Apple TV set has entered trial production

There's already an Apple TV: a set-top box with iTunes support. Lately, though, the rumor mill has been grinding on about another product with the same name: a full-fledged TV said to be in development at Apple's labs in Cupertino.

Well, it sounds like that device's metamorphosis from prototype into a real product might finally be underway. China's Business Daily reports that the upcoming TV set has already entered trial production at a factory in China. Or, in the words of the Google translation:

Yesterday, informed sources told Business Daily (microblogging) , Fuji Kang Longhua factory in Shenzhen IDPBG Business Group has received orders for the Apple TV is currently in trial production stage, but the person did not disclose more details .

That seems to be all the new information Business Daily was able to glean. We don't yet know what shape the product might take, when it might enter mass production, and when we might see it in stores.

We do have some idea of what to expect, though. Last week, according to Business Insider, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster made a few, fairly specific predictions. He said the Apple TV will be announced in December and will carry a $1500-2000 asking price. Siri integration is said to be on the menu, as is support for remote control via iPhone and iPad.

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