Poll: What will happen first?

It's time to peer into our crystal balls and predict the future. There are a number of things in the tech industry that should—or at least could—happen before the year ends. Hard drive prices are on track to return to pre-flooding levels eventually, TSMC is working to resolve 28-nm GPU supply issues, Nvidia's compute-focused Big Kepler GPU is ready for duty in a GeForce graphics card, Ivy Bridge promises $600 ultrabooks, and AMD has an ultraportable answer in the form of its 17W Trinity APU. Windows 8 is coming out, too, and there's a chance enthusiasts might embrace the final product.

The question is: which one of those things will happen first? You can cast your vote below or in the middle column on the front page. Hell freezing over isn't an option, but enthusiasts flocking to Win8 is probably close enough.

It's tempting to include something about the demise of 1366x768 displays in notebooks, but odds are that won't happen for a long while. Thankfully, higher-DPI panels are slowly trickling into mobile PCs. That's not where TR readers are itching to get them, though. In our last poll, only 17% of voters indicated they want a high-DPI display most on their notebook. The majority (55%) would prefer extra pixels on their desktop monitor. 13% of voters most want a high-DPI panel for their television, which is more than the 8% and 7% that voted for smartphones and tablets, respectively.

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