Crysis 2 returns to Steam with DLC in tow

It's baaack. Close to a year after being dropped from Steam, Crysis 2 has returned to Valve's content delivery service. The Maximum Edition of the game is now available for $40, which appears to be the official list price.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has confirmed that developer Crytek—and not EA, the game's publisher—tweaked Crysis 2 to comply with Steam's terms of service. According to a "reliable source," Crysis 2's in-game DLC store ran afoul of Steam's rules and has been removed from the Maximum Edition. This version of the game includes the previously released Retaliation and Decimation DLC, so there's no need for in-game purchases.

The crux of the conflict seems to be Valve's insistence that any DLC related to a game be available on Steam. That seems fair enough, especially given Valve's user-centric focus. If a user buys a game on Steam, it's not unreasonable to expect to be able to purchase add-ons with the same service. Valve doesn't appear to be barring developers and publishers from running their own stores; it just wants to be able to sell the same products.

Steam users can probably take some solace in the fact that lots of games eventually get released in some form of special edition that includes all the accompanying DLC. If the initial release isn't available on Steam due to DLC restrictions, there may be hope for a subsequent version.

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