Dishonored gameplay trailer brings knife to gun fight, still wins

Next week, we'll be covering the Computex trade show in Taipei. There's another big show that shares the same dates: the E3 gaming expo, which runs from June 5-7 in Los Angeles. Trailers meant for the show are trickling out already, and the one for Dishonored is awesome. GameTrailers has the goods:

Dishonored looks like a cross between Thief and BioShock, combining the sneaking elements of the former with the steampunk sensibilities of the latter. The game also has hints of Assassin's Creed—specifically, lots of stabbing people in the neck. Bladed weapons seem to factor heavily into the combat, which should be interesting from the game's first-person perspective.

Cyril harshed my buzz by pointing out that the textures look a little low-res, which is true. The first time I watched the trailer, I was too distracted by the beautiful art style, haunting score, and visceral violence (check out the muffled knife through the skull at 2:06) to notice.

Now that I've watched the trailer a few more times, the blood splatters could use a little work, too. But that doesn't make me any less excited to play the game, which is easily my most anticipated of the year. Dishonored is set to arrive on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 October 9. Let's hope there's a high-res texture pack in tow.

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