Monday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. The Washington Post: Warnings about 'Flame' virus come
    amid suspicions of U.S. role in launching secret cyberweapons
  2. Intel reaches breakthrough in chassis design for future ultrabooks
  3. Reuters: Intel inspired by aerospace to make sturdier laptops
  4. Microsoft set to reveal 'Xbox Smart Glass' tablet at this year's E3
  5. Neowin: A vision of Windows Phone 8 and
    how Microsoft could enhance the platform and
    add Media Center to the Windows Release Preview
    and Maingear 11.6" Pulse 11 notebook now on sale
  6. Ars Technica on blowing away bloatware: A
    guide to reinstalling Windows on a new PC
  7. 35 small improvements for Diablo III
  8. CNBC: Is the video game industry dying?


  1. The Verge's exclusive: New Verizon FiOS plans coming
    June 17th, 300Mbps service to cost $204.99 per month
  2. Ars Technica on the Oracle v. Google aftermath
  3. Microsoft Bing welcomes Yahoo! Babel Fish users
  4. FanlessTech: SSD-based nettop for $149?
  5. Dealzon's deals: $75 coupon for 14" hp dv4t i5-2450M, $350 coupon for
    14" Lenovo Z470 i5-2450M / 8GB RAM, $150 coupon for 11.6" hp dm1z
    AMD E1-1200, and $10 coupon for GeForce GTX 570 Fermi video card

  1. USA Today: Exec predicts data-only phone plans in 2 years
Software and gaming

  1. Ars Technica's review: Adobe Photoshop CS6 and the "Creative Cloud"
  2. Ars Technica's hands-on with the preview of Windows 8's cloud sync service
  3. Precision and purpose: Ubuntu 12.04 and the Unity HD reviewed at Ars Technica
  4. Ars Technica: Nintendo reveals new Wii U details ahead of E3
  5. WSJ on Star Wars 1313: A new hope or a phantom menace?

  1. PC Perspective's DV Nation RAMRoad PC review
  2. The SSD Review: SSD migration or fresh system installation - an SSD primer
  3. The SSD Review on 400GB Monster Digital Le Mans SSD
  4. NinjaLane's NZXT Aperture M card reader review
  5. Tbreak's quick look at 32GB Apacer USB 3.0 memory sticks
  6. Rbmods on AOC D2357Ph passive 3D monitor
  7. TestFreaks review Roccat Kave 5.1 headset
  8. NikKTech reviews SteelSeries Kana mouse
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