Square Enix shows impressive DirectX 11 tech demo

Is this how games would look if they weren't targeted at ancient console hardware? If so, wow. Final Fantasy series developer Square Enix has posted some screenshots and a four-minute, real-time demo of its DirectX 11 Luminous Studio engine in action, and it all looks rather amazing. See for yourself:

The particle effects and simulated shakycam are a little over the top, but the demo's graphical fidelity is clearly above and beyond what we're seeing today. Even PC versions of titles with added DirectX 11 eye candy don't look nearly as good. Some do have prettier scenery, though—I'd say the Agni's Philosophy demo could use a little extra greenery and sunlight.

Square Enix chief Mike Fischer spoke to the guys at Shacknews about the demo. He said the Luminous Studio engine doesn't target "any specific hardware," but he added that the thought of next-gen consoles being too slow to handle the technology doesn't keep him up at night. Interesting. Fischer might know more than he's letting on, but even if he doesn't, I'd certainly trust a studio like Square Enix to make the right assumptions about the way forward.

Check out the image gallery below for some still screenshots from the demo.

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