AMD: Windows tablets to hold 20% market share by 2017

Later this year, the first Windows 8-powered tablets will come out, and Microsoft will finally have a true alternative to the iPad and Android-powered devices. Judging by what AMD CEO Rory Read told Fox Business in a recent interview, though, it may take a while for Windows 8 tablets to put a dent in Google's and Apple's market shares. Read said he expects Windows-powered devices to have "a 20% share of the global tablet market" in five years.

That would be up from 2-3% today, Read says. Of course, today's Windows tablets run Windows 7 and aren't really intended as iPad competitors; rather, they tend to be chunky, heavy, business-oriented devices.

Fox Business points out that, this year, market research firm IHS iSuppli expects the iPad to hold about 61% of the market, with Android-based offerings snatching almost all of the remainder—38%. I guess that only leaves about 1% for other platforms, which kind of flies in the face of Read's comment, but the fact remains: iOS and Android have the market almost all to themselves. It would certainly be nice to have a third, major competitor vying for supremacy.

In the handset market, research firm IDC predicts that Windows Phone will have a 19.2% share of shipments in 2016, narrowly beating iOS, which it expects to end up with an even 19% share. Android, meanwhile, is predicted to account for 52.9% of shipments.

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