Rosewill illuminates mechanical keyboard lineup

Computex — Mechanical keyboards are all the rage these days, and Rosewill's RK-9000 series seems to be pretty popular. While at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, we saw several new versions on display. The most intriguing is the RK-9100, which adds a couple of USB ports and LED backlighting to the mix. Although all the keys are backlit, users can choose to have only the WASD and directional triangles illuminated. The backlight brightness is adjustable, and the lighting can be turned off completely.

We saw prototypes with white, red, and blue backlights. Only the blue lighting is destined for production, and then only with Cherry MX brown or blue switches. Those are the most popular, Rosewill says. The RK-9100 line may be expanded to include red and black switches—and other backlight colors—after the initial versions arrive in August or September.

The official list price for the RK-9100 is $140, but Rosewill tells us the keyboards will likely end up selling for less. Members of the RK-9000 series are regularly discounted on Newegg, and it seems RK-9100 models are destined for the same fate.

Folks with no need for backlighting might be interested in the RK-9000i, a special edition of the RK-9000 colored to match the wave of white cases and accessories that has flooded the market. Apart from the arctic treatment, the only other difference is the range of available switches. The RK-9000i will be sold exclusively with blue and brown Cherry MX switches. Expect the white variants to carry similar price tags to existing RK-9000 models.

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