PC gaming was everywhere at E3 2012

While we were busy covering Computex over in Taiwan earlier this week, a whole other trade show was going on in Los Angeles: E3 2012. There, most of the big gaming studios and publishers gathered to show their new and upcoming titles—and naturally, console games got royal treatment.

According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, though, PC gaming had a huge presence at the show, even though you might not necessarily know it. For example:

Did you know that nearly every multiplatform game demoed at E3 – especially during press conferences – is running on PC? I’ve asked, and so far, I’ve yet to get a “no.” Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Far Cry 3, Metro: Last Light, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Crysis 3, etc, etc. Here’s the weird thing, though: no one talks about it. Presenters mainly brandish Xbox pads as their weapons of choice, and viewers – unless gifted with Thundercats-esque sight beyond sight – are none the wiser.

Demoing future console games on the PC is a bit like showing pre-rendered trailers, RPS points out. It sugarcoats the experience and shows something console gamers will never really see again. Of course, unlike pre-rendered trailers, someone will enjoy the advertised experience—and that will be us PC gamers.

RPS also saw PC gaming prominently reflected in, well, the actual games at the show. Most of them, like Far Cry 3, Hitman: Absolution, and Max Payne 3, were sequels to games that premiered on the PC. In a sense, the PC seems to be an incubator for tomorrow's console and cross-platform blockbusters.

It's easy to feel a bit neglected as a PC gamer when shows like E3 2012 are going on, but kudos to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for reminding us of the reality: as a gaming platform, the PC matters more than you might think.

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