EVGA's hot-clocked GTX 680 features massive blower

Computex — Graphics cards based on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680 are all over Computex. Every graphics card maker we've visited has had at least one on display, and the GPU supply picture is apparently improving. While visiting EVGA's suite this morning, we came across a rather unique offering designed for overclockers.

This Classified version of the GTX 680 features a hot-clocked GPU fed by a 14-phase power delivery system. The reference design uses only four phases, EVGA says, and a custom PCB was required to accommodate the additional power circuitry. Rather than making the card longer, EVGA made it taller. The difference is nicely illustrated in the picture above.

You'll notice that the Classified uses a larger version of the blower found on the standard card. Most graphics card makers seem to be relying on multi-fan coolers these days, but EVGA prefers this blower setup because it pumps hot air out of the case rather than recirculating it.

Under the massive cooler lurks 4GB of RAM—double what's found on typical GTX 680s. EVGA also includes a port for its EV Bot remote overclocking tool. Expect the Classified to be available later this month. It won't be cheap, though.

At least the card will cost less than EVGA's Signature GTX 690, which combines Nvidia's latest dual-GPU monster with a custom water block. While it seems like a shame to ditch the 690's gorgeous stock cooler, EVGA says the water block lowers GPU temperatures substantially. The block will be available separately, as well.

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