Deal of the week: High-capacity SSD bargains

Solid-state drives have recently slipped under the $1/gigabyte threshold, and that's good news for bargain hunters—especially those in the market for high-capacity drives that can accommodate a full slate of games and applications.

OCZ's Vertex 3 240GB SSD is looking particularly tempting at Amazon, where you can nab it for $208.81 shipped before a $20 mail-in rebate. Assuming everything goes well and you get that rebate check in the mail, the drive will only end up costing $188.81. That's quite a bargain for a SandForce SF-2218-powered SSD with 6Gbps SATA support and some very solid performance numbers.

If your capacity needs are even greater, then you'll want to take a look at Crucial's M4 512GB solid-state drive, which is currently on sale for $399.99 shipped at Newegg. The M4 also has 6Gbps SATA support, but its top write speed is a little lower than the Vertex 3's—260MB/s instead of 520MB/s. That said, 260MB/s is still substantially higher than what you can squeeze out of a mechanical hard drive, and at 78 cents per gigabyte, that's a tough offer to refuse.

We've also got a gaming deal to spice things up this week. The excellent Batman: Arkham City is available at GameFly for $7.49 in digitally downloadable form. The deal is good for both U.S. and Canadian customers.

Our Canadian readers might also want to check out NCIX's Hook, Line, & Savings sale, where Crucial's M4 512GB can be had for $409.99 CAD, and OCZ's 120GB Agility 3 drive is on sale for only $84.99 CAD after a $15 mail-in rebate.

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