Silverstone's Sugo SG09 packs big punch in small chassis

Computex — Just about every chassis maker at the Computex trade show in Taipei was displaying at least one Mini-ITX enclosure this year. Given the glut, I hope I can be forgiven for mistaking Silverstone's Sugo SG09 for another one. The SG09 is tiny, with dimensions of 8.7" x 11.6" x 13.9".

Despite those dimensions, the SG09 accepts Micro ATX motherboards. Full-sized PSUs can be squeezed into the chassis, and it will accept a pair of graphics cards up to 13.3" long. As you can see, the case has no problem handing massive CPU coolers, either.

This puppy is loaded with fans, including a 180-mm unit up top and 120-mm models in the rear and left panels. There are mounting points for an additional three fans, and all the spinners are covered by removable dust filters. The filters feature a new weave that purportedly cuts airflow by only 10%, an important consideration given Silverstone's propensity for positive-pressure designs.

On the storage front, the SG09 features a slim optical bay with a slot-loading face. Two 3.5" hard drives and four 2.5" drives can be bolted to the back of the motherboard tray, which has additional clearance for cable routing. All this can be yours in the third quarter for just $99, Silverstone says.

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