Acoustic foam quiets Thermaltake Soprano enclosure

Computex — Thermaltake had a little bit of everything on display at the Computex trade show in Taipei this week. We saw countless headsets and headphones, fully backlit mechanical keyboards with a range of Cherry MX switches and LED colors, and even a mouse bungee. Those are making a comeback, it seems. Among everything else, Thermaltake's most notable new products were its cases.

There's a new version of the Soprano mid-tower that's been tuned with silent operation in mind. The case's side panels are coated with acoustic foam not unlike the kind that lines the walls of the mini anechoic chamber we use to test hard drive noise.

Although the Soprano's design hasn't been finalized, it already looks very slick. The curved, brushed aluminum front panel is all kinds of sexy, and the integrated hard drive dock is a nice addition. USB 3.0 ports are included, of course, and the drive bays are all tool-free.

Surprisingly, we didn't see a white version of the Soprano on display. The new Armor Revo Gene comes in black and arctic tones, though. The latter has silver "wings" up front, nicely accenting the sea of white that permeates the rest of the exterior. We asked Thermaltake how well its white chassis are doing and were surprised to hear that the snowy editions are easily outselling the black versions in some, er, cases. Looks like that trend is here to stay.

Speaking of trends, hard drive docks are quickly becoming standard features for enthusiast cases. The Armor has one, along with a headphone hanger, blue lighting, and support for large water-cooling radiators.

I couldn't pass through Thermaltake's booth without snapping a picture of the limited edition Level 10 enclosure on display. This refreshed version of the original is decked out in silver and has been updated with USB 3.0 ports. The aesthetic isn't for everyone, and the case remains huge, unwieldy, and expensive. I think the silver better highlights the striking design, though.

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