Silverstone's new tower comes in two flavors

Computex — Like Silverstone's Micro ATX Temjin TJ08-E chassis but wish it could hold full-sized motherboards? Good news. The TJ08-E's foundation has grown to accommodate ATX systems. Silverstone will be offering this new tower in two distinctly different flavors, both of which share the same internal structure.

The cases offer dual 180-mm fans up front and one 120-mm spinner at the rear. They feature the same improved dust filters as the Sugo SG09. To increase airflow, the fan emplacements lack metal grills, and there's a larger gap between the front panel and the fans. Internally, the motherboard is inverted, with the CPU at the bottom and the motherboard tray on the left side. There's all kinds of room for 5.25" optical drives, 3.5" hard drives, and SSDs.

The quietest of the two chassis is the Fortress FT04, which features sound-dampening foam on every panel except for the one at the rear. An integrated fan controller can spin the fans as slowly as 500 RPM or ramp them up to four times that speed. Any noise generated by the front fans is directed towards the rear of the case via angled side vents just behind the front panel.

While most of the chassis is steel, the front and top panels are aluminum. They have a nice, matte finish that looks very different from the plastic panels on the Raven RV04.

As I walked up to the Raven in the Computex exhibition hall, I figured Silverstone was showing off a case mod inspired by Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The ridged layers do look a little like feathers, though.

Silverstone tells us the Raven RV04 will cost $130-150 when it becomes available in the fourth quarter of this year. We didn't get a price for its Fortress twin, but I'd expect that case's aluminum panels to command a premium.

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