Sunday Shortbread

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  1. X-bit labs: Chaintech teams up with Colorful to return to mainboard business
  2. KitGuru: Huge GTX 570 overstock delays GTX 660 until August
  3. iOS 6 confirmed at Macstories: New banners up at Moscone West
  4. Crytek: All out future games will be free-to-play
  5. reddit: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC leak, round 2
  6. VG24/7: Skyrim patch 1.6 live, adds mounted combat to Xbox 360
  7. Diablo III hotfixes - June


  1. PCWorld: User give Facebook's privacy changes a thumbs down
  2. A tour of the Phoronix office
  3. GameInformer: Valve working with 9 director on his next film

  1. Linaro improvements to Android 4.0.4 performance
    on the Pandaboard TI OMAP4430 platform (video)
  2. Tbreak's Nokia PureView 808 unboxing video
Software and gaming

  1. All About Microsoft: Microsoft adds Windows 8
    Desktop support to Visual Studio 2012 Express
  2. Dedoimedo: CentOS 6.2 on my SSD-ed test box
  3. Wine 1.5.6 released
  4. GameSpot: Xbox 360 has 'more than two years' left - Microsoft

  1. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - CPU hardware prefetch
  2. NikKTech's SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro Silver Special Edition mouse review
  3. TestFreaks review MSI Stealth case
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