Morning, folks. I told you last week was going to be busy between Computex and E3, and that turned out to be very true. Kudos to Geoff for his tireless coverage of Computex. Following a full day of meetings with an evening full of write-ups isn't easy, but he managed it well. I think he may even have a few more posts for us today.

Funny thing is, this week could be just as packed with news, between Apple's WWDC announcements and AMD's Fusion Developer Summit. I had hoped to make it to AFDS this year, but the birth of the next Jr. Damage is about three weeks away, so I'm grounded. Gotta stay here to help. Cyril's attending AFDS for us instead, and he should have coverage of the keynotes and announcements from the conference.

We had a lightning storm here in the KC area last night, and I got up at about 3:30AM to unplug everything in Damage Labs. Unfortunately, I was apparently too late to save my 16-port GigE network switch, which wouldn't start up properly this morning. After bringing up the network on an old 100Mbps switch, I quickly determined two things. One, consumer GigE switches have made roughly zero progress in the (4-5) years since I bought mine. I literally would have been ordering the same model again as a replacement. And two, the switch's wall wart was the only real casualty. Thank goodness. Now I don't have to shell out for a new switch that wouldn't even be an upgrade.

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