The coolest cases of Computex

Computex — The Computex show floor in Taipei was filled with interesting-looking cases. Here are a few of them, starting with a couple pulled from the collection of modded chassis on display at the Thermaltake booth. Both used the company's Armor Revo chassis as their foundation.

The Borderlands 2 mod was created by Brian Carter, while the Ironman treatment is the work of Ron Lee Christianson. Thermaltake had Star Wars-themed mods on display, too, but they didn't really do it for me. Perhaps I've seen too many over the years.

Somewhat surprisingly, motherboard maker Asus had a couple of neat mods on display at its booth. In addition to a series of Sabertooth motherboards with custom-painted Thermal Armor (the plastic shroud may work better as an artist's canvas than as a cooling feature), there were a couple of accompanying cases.

"PaulTan" is responsible for the Armor Suit, which features a custom-built case with a dual-fan water cooler for the CPU. There's no discrete graphics card, although one could surely be incorporated.

Dewayne Carel's TUF Hummer is more traditional but no less impressive. Its Sabertooth Z77 motherboard was painted to match, of course.

Although you can't buy any of the aforementioned enclosures, we did run into a few unique designs that will be offered for sale, albeit in limited quantities. Check out Lian Li's train-inspired PC-CK101:

This is a functional Mini-ITX enclosure with a slim optical drive and room for two hard drives: one 3.5" and one 2.5". It even has a 120-mm cooling fan for the, er, caboose. Alas, there's no option to mount full-sized graphics cards in a separate car.

Feeling thirsty? In Win had a prototype chassis with an integrated fridge:

The design is still being finalized, but the cooler is here to stay. One part of me thinks it's a silly idea. The other part wishes the fridge was large enough to accommodate tall cans of my favorite adult beverage.

We stumbled across this case while at the In Win booth to take pictures of another one. Behold the H-Frame.

This stunner is made from a series of anodized aluminum fins. There are gaps between the fins and no filters to catch airborne particulate, so dust will probably be an issue. Airflow is generated by a pair of 120-mm fans split between the front and rear of the chassis.

In Win says only 300 H-Frame cases will be made, and they definitely won't be cheap. However impractical, I want one—desperately, and in hot pink.

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