Nano-ceramic bearing powers new Spire fan

Computex — Fancy cooling fans tend to be expensive, but Spire's latest is set to retail for only $13. We checked out the new Nano-Bearing model in Taipei last week. Here's what it looks like:

What you don't see is the "nano-ceramic" bearing, which is coated with tiny, lubricating particles that purportedly offer excellent long-term durability. Spire boasts that the bearings have an average service life of over 70,000 hours, which works out to roughly eight years. The company also claims that the ceramic bearings are more resistant to higher temperatures than traditional designs.

The Nano-Bearing fan will first be available in a 120-mm size, although Spire may also offer a 140-mm version. Power is provided by a four-pin PWM header, and Spire says the fan has a lower start-up voltage than typical spinners. As has become fashionable, the fan features rubber dampers at its corners. If you want to lock down the fan tightly, the dampers can be popped off. The center of the fan can be removed for cleaning, as well.

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