Corsair intros full line of cooling fans

Computex — Corsair's lineup includes cases, coolers, and PSUs, all of which incorporate fans. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the company started selling its own. While at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, we came across a stack of new cooling fans bearing Corsair's name.

These Air Series fans are split into several categories. The SP models use wide blades to deliver higher static pressure for radiators and CPU coolers. The AF units have thinner blades, but more of them, and are designed to generate airflow for cases. Corsair says it took years of trial-and-error testing to come up with just the right blade shapes for each design.


The fans come in performance and quiet flavors, each of which includes resistors to allow users to change the rotational speed. Both families incorporate rubber-damped corners to reduce vibration.

The AF series is currently available in 120- and 140-mm sizes, with 200-mm models in the works. (Blades have to be added to the larger models to maintain the correct fan spacing, otherwise performance and noise levels are compromised.) Thus far, the SP line is limited to 120 mm, the most common size for heatsinks and radiators.

In a unique twist, each fan comes with three colored rings that can be swapped by the user. One of the rings is white, allowing modders to apply their own paint. Red and blue rings are included, as well, but no black... yet.

Newegg already has a number of the fans in stock. The going rate is $17 for 120-mm models and $20 for the 140s. There are discounts if you purchase more than one fan, and Corsair is even offering dual-fan packs that cost a few bucks less than a pair purchased separately. Expect these fans to start trickling into Corsair's other products over time.

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