Microsoft's ARM-powered Surface has Tegra inside

We already know the x86 version of Microsoft's Surface tablet will pack an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. What about the ARM model? Microsoft stayed mum on the subject during yesterday's press event. According to SlashGear, however, Nvidia has now confirmed that the Surface for Windows RT includes one of its Tegra chipsets. There's no word yet on which exact chip Microsoft is using, though:

NVIDIA has just issued a rather short note confirming that their Tegra processor will be under the hood and powering the smooth and fluid Windows 8 RT model. They didn’t specify which Tegra processor as expected, but we are speculating it will be the quad-core Tegra 3 KAI platform, or the Tegra 3+ that was detailed as coming soon in a lot more than just Android devices.

The Tegra 3 is already quite a popular choice for tablet makers, at least on the Android side of the market. It powers Acer's Iconia Tab A510 and A700, Asus' Transformer Prime and Transformer Pad series, HTC's One X, and Toshiba's AT270 and AT300, just to name a few. If Microsoft is championing the silicon for the first Windows RT device, that success might extend to other, future Windows tablets, as well.

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