AMD up indeed

As expected, AMD released their quarterly results today, and the news was good. Despite a soft global economy, AMD both beat estimates and managed to post solid sales growth:
AMD sold more than 7.3 million PC processors, including 6.5 million seventh-generation AMD Athlon and Duron processors. Average selling prices (ASPs) increased from the immediate-prior quarter on the richer product mix. Total PC processor sales, at $661 million, increased 17 percent from both the comparable quarter of 2000 and the immediate-prior quarter.
That is seriously good news from AMD, and it means they're grabbing a nice chunk of the PC processor market from Intel. My buddy JC, who is much more plugged into this financial stuff than I am, put it this way: "Their press release is a medley of surprises, with the biggest bombshell being that they have achieved record unit shipments this quarter, something totally unexpected by just about everybody (granted, a few crazies believed this possible, but most of us are flabberghasted)." Not bad at all.
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