Dueling duallies at NAB!

Rand sent word of this C|Net story about Intel's plans to show off dual-processor Foster workstations at the National Association of Broadcasters conference next week. Foster, you may recall, is Intel's SMP-capable version of the Pentium 4, but it won't be called a P4. Instead, this one inherits the Xeon name (and, no doubt, price tag).

C|Net, ever a sucker for the Intel party line, regurgitates a good amount of Intel rhetoric, focusing on how Intel is looking to capture a market formerly dominated by old-line workstation companies like SGI. AMD isn't mentioned until later, in this gem of a sentence:

Intel also faces almost no competition from rival Advanced Micro Devices in the workstation and server market, although this could begin to change toward the end of the year, when AMD comes out with Athlon chips for servers and workstations.
Uh huh.

Let's review for a moment.

We already know that an AMD partner, BOXX Technologies, has plans to demo a dual-processor, 1.4GHz Athlon system at NAB. I won't go into performance issues (like the AMD 762's sweet, sweet dual front-side busses) here, but let's just say a dually Athlon system is likely to rival any P4/Netburst-based design from Intel.


C|Net's myopia aside, these developments will make for a very cool showdown at the NAB conference. We SMP faithful have been patiently waiting for the duallies to rise again, and next week should be the beginning of something big.

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