Deal of the week: Ever-cheaper SSDs and other bargains

You probably got the memo by now: SSD prices are going down, down, down, and the deals are getting hotter. We have evidence in the form of fancy graphs, but all it takes is a look at SSD prices at Newegg, and you can confirm the trend for yourself.

Just look, for instance, at OCZ's Agility 3 240GB solid-state drive—a SandForce SF-2281-based offering with 6Gbps SATA—which is selling for a scant $189.99 with free shipping at Newegg. There's a $20 mail-in rebate in the mix, too, which should bring the total price down to just $169.99. That works out to just under 71 cents a gigabyte, which was unheard of even a few months ago.

In a similar vein, Corsair's Force Series 3 60GB SSD is available for $69.99 with free shipping, or $59.99 shipped after a $10 mail-in rebate. This drive has a lower capacity, obviously, but it's based on the same SandForce controller as the Agility 3—and it can make a fine boot drive.

Not interested in SSDs? Then you may take a liking to Gigabyte's GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448, which is subject to a triple whammy of promotions. Normally sold for $294.99 with free shipping, the card can be brought down to $256.64 with the promo code "GIGA622" (just enter it on the checkout page), and you can slice off another 20 bucks with a mail-in rebate (linked on the Newegg page). Final price: $236.64 shipped... and that doesn't include the Battlefield 3 game coupon Gigabyte lets you grab free of charge.

Oh, and speaking of games, Steam has a 75% off sale on all Deus Ex titles. The excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution can be nabbed for $7.49, and the first two chapters in the series are both $2.49 each. You can also get all three games, plus three add-on packs for Human Revolution, for $14.99.

North of the border, NCIX's promotion of the week is the Blastoff 2 Summer Sale event. The e-tailer offers the 120GB version of OCZ's Agility 3 SSD for $94.99 CAD, or $79.99 CAD after a mail-in rebate, which beats even Newegg's price stateside. NCIX has other, slightly less amazing deals on other SSDs, too, like the 360GB Agility 3 and the 120GB Vertex 3, which you might want to check out.

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