Microsoft: We won't release our own Win8 phone

Soon after the Surface launch announcement, we heard whispers that Microsoft was cooking up a phone of its own design, as well. The rumor made plenty of sense: if Microsoft is planning to premiere Windows 8 on its own tablet, why not debut Windows Phone 8 on its own phone?

According to a Microsoft executive quoted by InformationWeek, however, we're not going to see a Microsoft-branded Windows 8 phone. This is no half-hearted denial, either:

Asked in an interview if Microsoft planned to apply that strategy to the smartphone market, Greg Sullivan, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, said, "No, we do not."

Sullivan added that Microsoft has "a strong ecosystem of partners that we are very satisfied with." Windows Phone 8 handsets are due out from manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and Huawei. I guess Microsoft expects those handsets will be up to snuff.

A recent piece by the New York Times suggests Microsoft was far less confident in its hardware partners' ability to compete with Apple in the tablet market. The paper names that lack of confidence as one of the factors that motivated Microsoft to introduce the Surface last week.

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