Tablets will outsell PCs next year, says Microsoft

If you were still wondering why Windows 8 puts its Metro interface front and center so dramatically, well, here's why. The guys at PC Pro attended a keynote by Windows Web Servies VP Antoine Leblond in Amsterdam, and they heard Leblond make an interesting prediction about the ever-growing popularity of tablets:

"Next year, tablets will outsell desktop PCs," said Leblond. "Touch is coming to PCs and that's going to change the way UIs are designed very dramatically, just like the mouse did."

Well, when you put it that way... I suppose Microsoft would be crazy not to make Metro its default UI and relegate the classic desktop to quasi-legacy status.

Amusingly, PC Pro says Leblond went on to demonstrate that Metro "works equally well on a desktop or a tablet," but the demonstration failed when the test machine wouldn't acknowledge touchpad gestures like two-fingered scrolling. That might be the shape of things to come, folks.

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