Nvidia posts WHQL-certified drivers for Windows 8

WHQL-certified drivers for a pre-release operating system? You bet. Nvidia has posted its latest batch of GeForce drivers for the Windows 8 Release Preview, and the drivers are stamped with the seal of approval from Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs. You can grab the 64-bit version of the new 302.82 drivers here and the 32-bit one here.

One word of warning if you're using a laptop, though. Nvidia says the 302.82 drivers are good for desktop users only, and notebooks should stick with the older 302.80 preview version (which is also available in 64-bit and 32-bit flavors). That release came out last week.

According to the official release notes, the 302.82 drivers introduce no major changes over the 302.80 drivers. Nvidia says both releases update the Nvidia control panel's stereo 3D setup page to support Windows 8's stereoscopic 3D implementation. I see no mention of any bug fixes, either; just outstanding issues. Still, it's nice to know Nvidia can deliver stable, production-ready drivers for Windows 8 this far ahead of the launch. Windows 8 probably won't be out in stores until at least this fall.

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