Thermaltake Cyclone Edition mouse integrates cooling fan

Thermaltake's new gaming mouse blows away the competition. Literally. The Black Element Cyclone Edition has a 30-mm fan mounted just in front of its main buttons:

The spinner rotates at 6,000 RPM and is designed to keep your digits cool during heated gaming sessions. It looks a little silly to me, to be honest, but our own Editor-in-Chief has complained of hand sweat compromising his gaming grip. Active cooling might remedy the issue for the similarly afflicted, especially since the Black Element has rubberized surfaces that shouldn't slip. But there is a cost; the fan generates 21.7 decibels, according to Thermaltake. I'd expect the small-diameter rotor to emit a high-pitched whine rather than a low whoosh.

If you don't need a breeze moving over your knuckles, the Black Element's fan can be removed. Without it, the mouse looks like a typical gaming rodent. It's wired, features an adjustable sensor that tracks up to 6,500-DPI, has onboard memory for macro storage, and is loaded with removable weights. There are extra buttons, LED lighting effects, and switches rated to endure five million clicks. Thermaltake doesn't mention the Cyclone Edition's price on its website, but the mouse's fanless Black Element predecessor can be had for $65 online.

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